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Content >> China Guaranty Forum held in Shanghai Oct. 28-30, 2004

China Guaranty Forum 2004 was held on Oct.28—30,2004, Shanghai. The forum was organized by 'China Guarantee Alliance', Pan-American Surety Association (PASA), National Federation of Credit Guarantee Corporation (NFCGC), Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KCGF) and Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund(KOTEC), and the Forum’s Theme is: 'Self-discipline, Management, Cooperation and Development'.


China National Investment and Guaranty Co., Ltd. (CNIGC), the co-operator in the marine guaranty consultant field of CMS hosted the forum with her president, Mr. Liu Xin Lai to be as the chairman of the forum.


Mr. Hu Yanzhao, Vice Mayor of Shanghai Government, and Dr. Hugo. Giles, Executive Director of PASA, and Professor Wn Jinglian, elite economist, delivered speeches,.


For the purpose of developing the marine guaranty consultant business, persons in charge of marine business in PICC and Pacific insurance company were invited to attend. 



                                     2004 China Guaranty Forum                The President of CNIGC, Mr. Liu Xinlai presided the forum



                        Mr. Hu Yanzhao, Vice Mayor of Shanghai on the Forum  Dr. Hugo. Giles, Executive Director of PASA on the Forum


Prof. Wn Jinglian, elite economist, delivered speech on the forum;

 Ms. Xing yuangyang and Mr. Feng Jianhua ,the manager of hull insurance division of PICC, Mr. Ye Changzao, the master ofclaim handling division of Pacific Insurance Co.

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