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Content >> CMS was appointed to handle oil spill case in Qingdao

On June 26th, 2006, a Korean passenger ferry “SE WON 1” collided with Chinese bunker vessel “Qing You 3” at Qingdao fairway in dense fog, which caused large quantity HFO spillage from the broken tank of “Qing You 3”. The spillage HFO polluted shoreline of Tuandao , and hazarded to other coast areas where are famous seaside resorts of Qingdao city, including 2008 Olympic water-sports game center.  Meanwhile, some other shoreline and mariculture ponds at XueJiadao & Huandao was also affected

A great number of working vessels, manpower took part in the emergency response action for oil cleaning operation under the organization of local MSA.  The oil cleaning operation was conduct effectively on June 26th –June 29th at seas, but the contaminated coast has been continually cleaned for 20 days.

CMS was appointed to anticipate for survey, investigation on this oil spillage accident.  Mr. Chen Keyu, Mr. Jiang Meng attended Qingdao from 29 June 2006.


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