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Content >> The Expert Evaluation Seminar was held in Shanghai on December 17, 2010.

The expert evaluation seminar was held in Shanghai on December 17, 2010, for the purpose of reviewing the draft Guideline for Handling Claims of Ship-source Oil Pollution Damage. The research project of the Guideline was initiated by China MSA and assigned to Shanghai MSA. The drafting work was jointly undertaken by Shanghai Maritime University and China Marine Services Co., Ltd..


The officials and experts from China MSA , Shanghai MSA, Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council, Shanghai Maritime University, Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Sciences, Regional Bureau of East Sea Fishery Management, China Shipping GroupCompany and China Academy of Transportation Sciences attended the Seminar. As the members of the editorial team of the Guideline, Mr. Chen Keyu, Ms. Kuang Shilin, Mr. Zhang Jian, Mr. Han Ke and Ms. Ye Yun from CMS also attended the meeting.


With the enforcement of the Regulations on the Administration of Prevention and Control of Pollution to the Marine Environment by Vessels, China is stepping up to establish the Oil Pollution Compensation Fund. The Guideline is aiming to provide detailed rules on how the Fund accepts, assesses and compensates for all kinds of oil pollution damage. On behalf of the editorial team, Mr. Han Ke and Mr. Zhang Jian from CMS introduced the research background, drafting and compiling process and the main content of the Guideline during the meeting. High comments on the research result were received from the attending experts.







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