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Qualification I
On June 9, 2003, CMS received the Approval Document from the Maritime Safety Administration of People’s Republic of China (CHINA MSA) to have the qualification to execute independent surveys and inspections in whole country to vessels, marine products & equipments, and assessing and consulting in marine related casualties and related marine investigations. The Approval well reflected that CMS has been accepted by China MSA to have the capacity to on behalf of the Administrations to deal with marine related cases, casualties, and investigations, thus to serve the industry.  
The move also reflected that survey reports issued by CMS now can in generally be accepted by authoritative bodies of China.

Qualification II
Pleased be acknowledged that CMS Beijing has been accepted as "survey and valuation experts testimony in marine industry" by The Supreme Court of The People's Republic of China. The above is formally announced in "List of experts testimony qualified by The Supreme Court of The People's Republic of China (No.9)", which published on the press "People's Court Daily" dated in May 22, 2003.
With the authorization, CMS Beijing issued professional reports can be accepted by maritime courts and deemed as evidences. Thus may help our clients to obtain advantaged position in claims and conflicts.

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