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Newsletter 02/14
  Newly Revised IG Recommended Spill Response Contract
Newsletter 01/14
  Amendments and Adjustments on Five MOT Regulations
Newsletter 02/13
  MOT Press Conference on Abolishing Some Charges Related to Shipping Industry
Newsletter 01/13
  New Detailed Rules of Regulations for Sludge Disposal in Tianjin Port Became Effect from March 1, 2013 & Developments on SPRO Issue in Tianjin
CMS Oil Spill Response Services Advisory Agreement for Vessels Operating in Chinese Waters 2013/01
  SPRO agreement issue service provided by China Marine Services Co., Ltd. (CMS) in 2013
Newsletter 02/12
  New Detailed Rules on the Implementation of Agreement for Ship Pollution Response Released on September 14th, 2012
Newsletter 01/12
  CMS has been approved by China MSA as the contracting agency & The Updated List of Approved SPRO
Newsletter 08/11
  The List of Approved Level I & II SPRO & CMS Network
Newsletter 07/11
  The List of Approved Level I & II SPRO & CMS Network
CMS Working Procedure
  CMS Working Procedure on SPRO issues
FAQ - CMS services on SPRO issues
  FAQ about CMS services on SPRO issues
Newsletter 06/11
  The updated List of Approved SPRO
Newsletter 05/11
  The List of Approved Level I SPRO & CMS Network
Newsletter 04/11
  Detailed rules on the implementation of agreement for ship pollution response & model agreement.
Newsletter 03/11
  The Strict Control on Deballasting in Shanghai Port.
Newsletter 02/11
  Issuance of one more new Regulations and development on the pre-contracting issue.
Newsletter 01/11
  Developments of the Regulations
Newsletter 07/10
  Development of Pre-contracting Issue
Newsletter 06/10
  Seminar on draft Regulation
Newsletter 05/10
  Developments of the Regulations
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