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Pollution Response Agreement

The New Regulations on Administration of Prevention and Control of Pollution to the Marine Environment by Vessels has come

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Regulations on Administration of Prevention and Control of Pollution to the Marine Environment by Vessels (hereinafter as “the Regulations”) entered into force on March 1st 2010, and add several requirements on pollution prevention and controlling for both shipowners and clean-up companies. First, according to Article 33 of the Regulations, all the vessels carrying hazardous and noxious liquid substance in bulk and other vessels over 10000 GT have to sign clean-up contracts with qualified oil spill response organizations (OSRO) before operating or entering into and exiting the ports. Secondly, Article 53 stipulates that all the vessels sailing in China Sea area, except for those below 1000 GT without oil cargo, are required to get oil pollution damage civil liability insurance or other finance guarantee.

As a marine consulting company with abundant experiences and excellent professionals, China Marine Services Co., Ltd provides various consulting services on the Regulations including, but not limited:

  • Advice the identity and status of approved OSROs for designated ports
  • Arrangement of contract between shipowner/operator and OSRO in Chinese and subject to Chinese Law compliant with MSA and International Group requirements。
  • Monitoring of evolving PRC and local regulations
  • Renewal of contract annually or as required
  • Other services such as
            ◆ Help to conclude supplementary clauses to the model agreement
            ◆ Coordinate the information exchange between shipowner/operator and contracted OSRO
            ◆ Cooperate with OSRO to carry out ship pollution emergency drills 
            ◆ Evaluate the response action
            ◆ Assess the pollution response plan
            ◆ Assess the costs for carrying out clean-up action
  • If you have any problem or need, please do not hesitate to contact us. CMS standard service contract and the name list of the pollutant receiving companies in China are available by email inquiries. And the list of the qualified OSROs will also be made available pending announcement of the authority.

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